Masita Sportswear was founded in 1933 by family Maas from the city of Sittard. Masita originally focused on trade and the processing of leather products such as bags and soccer balls, but also in shirt numbers and prints the company profiled itself as a true pioneer. From the 60s, Masita specialized in team sportswear and it has become one of the leading suppliers in the sports market, operating in more than 50 countries.


With approximately 40.000 cubic withers of storage space, our warehouse can easily hold the 2.000.000 items we have in stock at all times. Our warehouse is equipped with modern, planet saving techniques, such as sensored LED lightning systems and sustainable climate control. Our aim is to have 95% of the products in this catalogue always in stock. In this way, we can guarantee our highest service standards.


From the beginning, ISBC Sport aims for innovativeness and creativeness. Our target is to offer our clients a complete package, a so called one-stop-shop. This is one of the reasons Masita is now part of ISBC Sport. ISBC Sport provides individuals and sportclubs with the best brands in the field of football, handball, hockey, volleyball, running, physiotherapy, sporting equipment, keepersgear, basketball and much more. Masita offers the best teamwear products, Stag hockey is a strong Dutch hockeybrand, Sells goalkeeper products provides goalkeepers with the best gloves and apparel, Sportdoc provides Swedish, high-quality sportmedical products and at Sportquip, our clients can find the best sports materials and equipment.


Masita is a brand with international appeal. Top performances in Masita clothing are being delivered weekly in many countries all over the world. From Melbourne to Dublin and from San Diego to Bucharest. We supply all of our partners worldwide from our distribution center in Echt, the Netherlands. By boat, by plane or on the road. Whether it is 1 box or 50 pallets, our logistics system is ready for it.


ISBC sports is more than Masita. With our 5 top sports brands there is a very wide range for any athlete, both old and young. In the 450 square withers new showroom you can see all those brands and there is a possibility to test and experience the products. Besides, ISBC Sport organizes various events and workshops. If you want to stay up-to-date about all activities in our showroom, you can follow us on Facebook, Twhiteter and Instagram.


ISBC Sport is one of the first companies to pursue her famous ‘all time principles’. Respect our people. Masita has defined a code of conduct for its suppliers and supervises the defined standards during frequent visits, also to supervise the compliance with prohibition of child labour. Respect our planet. The environment is the basis for our future. ISBC Sport has started a number of sustainable projects, for example in the fields of water and energy, to take care of our planet. Respect our customers. Independent institutions conduct extensive testing to ensure the quality and durability of our products. When the products arrive in our warehouse, our Quality Control Department checks every single product to ensure the quality and durability.
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